Wisteria Wildcat



Kaguya has flown in straight from Russia to join our slowly growing pride. Her wild look and beautiful temperament is what we strive for! She is a black smoke tortie and we are excited to see what her show career brings!


Our Tiger Princess is our newest addition and has been the best friend we could have asked for. She is our black silver classic tabby. Her conformation is phenomenal and has great boning. We are itching to get her in the show ring. So long as we receive favorable OFA results and HCM echo, we anticipate Tora having kittens by early 2023.


Ysera is owned by Tia in Washingston state and is the oldest Queen amongst the pride. She is a black classic tabby. We have been selective on who she is bred to and given her more time to develop. Her temperament is silly, lovable, needy and overall an attention seeker. 

CH. Yuzuruha

Yuzu is now a Champion! She loves to observe and keep her independence while still making sure you know she loves you. She is black silver classic torbie. She placed several times at our first cat show in Seguin.

Please note: PKdef is an autosomal recessive gene so carriers (N/PK) cannot actually get the disease; it takes two copies of the gene for a cat to be affected. So it is safe to breed a carrier (N/PK) to a clear cat (N/N). Carrier cats will not get the disease.