Wisteria Wildcat

About Us

Who Are We?

Welcome to Wisteria Wildcats! We are a small home based breeder of quality Maine Coons located in two states – Texas and Washington. The self-described “Maine Coon mamas” behind the cattery are Amanda and Tia. Brought together by our love of this beautiful feline, Wisteria Wildcats is committed to providing a brighter and healthier future for Maine Coons. Who is the heart of Wisteria Wildcats? 

The Maine Coon cats, of course! Our Maine Coons have been imported from Russia to establish fresh new lines in the US. We pride ourselves on health, temperament, structure and size. All adults are tested with Optimal Genetics through Wisdom Panel, as well as OFA tested for hips with HCM echo being the forefront. We hope you take the time to look through our website and get to know the Maine Coon cats here at Wisteria Wildcats!

Meet The Team


Amanda is a co-founder of Wisteria Wildcats and is in charge of our location in the heart of Texas. Amanda has loved animals her entire life, ranging from the smallest critter to the largest exotic. Once introduced to Maine Coons, it didn’t take long for her to see a place where her passion for improving the pet/family relationship could bloom.

Amanda learned about feline health and starting an ethical cattery that will focus on health, temperament, structure and most importantly preserving the breed. With that being said, it is her mission to ensure the best quality Maine Coons a person could ask for.

So far Amanda has shown her cats with TICA where she is learning more about the standard as well as the best method to raising kittens to ensure quality on every animal. She hopes to produce beautiful lines.


Located in Washington state, Tia prides herself in all things animals. From horses, cows, chickens, and the like, her ultimate passion is cats. The love she holds is immeasurable to each animal she comes across which can allow any buyer to rest easy—every being here is treasured.

Tia purchased two Maine Coons from Russia as pets back in 2019 which ignited her love for the breed. However, what made her desire to breed Maine Coon was health. Her pet Maine Coon, Puck, had passed due to a preventable illness. This tragedy left a scar for Tia which could only be healed by ensuring no one else would endure the same pain.

Her mission is to provide the best kitten with amazing health.